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NO PAIN!! I can get down on the floor to play with my son and get back up PAIN FREE!! No more burning in my upper back. Thank you so much Dr. Gasdorf and staff! I FINALLY feel like the 20yr old that I am!! I cannot thank Dr. Gasdorf enough!!
M.B.    -    October 2022

I am able to do my housework now and can stand straight without pain. Thanks to Dr. Gasdorf I am able to walk normal again!
N.B.    -    October 2022

I noticed immediate relief in my lower back and in time I have noticed my flexibility has improved as well. I have since been able to accept a factory job that I never would have been able to perform before seeing Dr. Gasdorf.
G.T.    -    October 2022

My headaches have subsided; I feel 200% better!! I can finally sleep peacefully, and it doesn’t hurt to sit upright. My confidence is back, I feel taller and just simply feel like I have a new body!!! Thank you Dr. Gasdorf!!!
C.P.    -    October 2022

A friend recommended Dr. Gasdorf and I’m feeling much better now. I recommend Dr. Gasdorf to anyone having back or neck problems – I can’t imagine where I’d be today if I hadn’t started coming to Dr. Gasdorf.
J.R.    -    October 2022

Tremendous neck and shoulder pain. I could barely turn my head. My first visit I could barely move. I feel remarkable improvement. I am now halfway through my treatment plan, and I can move easily and rarely feel any pain. It’s been transforming!! Dr. Gasdorf has been amazing and gentle in helping me face my fears.
Lisa O    -    October 2022

I had a sore neck, sore back, extremely bad right hand, and sore left hand. My hand issues made it impossible for me to drive, write or lift anything. Now I can walk and sleep better. I have regained the use of my right hand. I have returned to work and am now able to drive again!!
M.W.    -    October 2022

I have less pain in my shoulder and lower back, am now able to stand while doing the dishes and can sleep on my side again. I was in a lot of pain when I started but stuck with my treatment plan and am a VERY HAPPY PERSON! Thank you Dr. Gasdorf.
D.C.    -    October 2022

I had pain and tenderness in my lower and upper back and shoulders for a few months. I am pain free and it’s easier to run, walk, breathe and sleep! My posture is better, which has made me a better dancer. AWESOME RESULTS!!
M.S.    -    October 2022

We searched the internet, and your office was actually recommended by another chiropractor in your area who was not able to take us on short notice. We were able to get an appointment that morning so we could attempt to pursue the rest of the vacation without pain. The staff was welcoming, helpful, and Dr. Gasdorf was able to attend to our issues. I was very surprised and pleased that Dr. Gasdorf took the time to call that evening to make sure we were ok and extend the offer for us to revisit the next day if necessary. We were able to enjoy our remaining vacation because of our visit to your office.
N.B.    -    October 2022

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